The GOP "Cares" Act is a catastrophe for the most vulnerable

The Senate GOP proposal leaves disabled people behind. It leaves low income people behind. It leaves SSI beneficiaries out completely:

The Senate GOP message is, "You should have picked a better parent."

In the Senate GOP "Care" act, low income workers get less than middle class workers under the GOP proposal.

At the time when we are facing a catastrophe, when 1 in 4 American workers have had their hours cut, when 9% of American workers have lost their job because of coronavirus…

We must focus on helping those most vulnerable.

Senate Republicans have demonstrated they are completely incapable of doing that.

The least-advantaged should not receive the least benefits.

We must demand Democrats hold the line.

Right now is the time to flood our contacts, Senate minority leadership, on Twitter using:


Republicans want a corporate bailout.  

We need to demand something in exchange for that — and that is help for the most vulnerable.

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Our federal coronavirus response MUST NOT leave out disabled and low-income Americans! 

#WhatWeNeed #SeeUsSchumer

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